Promoting awareness of childhood cancer and Wilms tumor.

About Alexis “Lexi” & The Luv4Lexi Campaign

Lexi Briggs, born and raised on Cape Cod, is a sweet, vibrant little girl and loving big sister to brothers Evan and Alex.  In June 2012 she woke up with severe stomach pain and by the end of the day she was at Boston Children’s Hospital where she was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer, Wilms Tumor.  Wilms occurs when certain cells in one or both kidneys multiply uncontrollably, growing into a malignant, or cancerous mass.  Only about 500 cases of Wilms Tumor are diagnosed each year in the United States-Lexi was diagnosed at Stage 3.  The good news is that, in most cases, this cancer is highly responsive to treatment and essentially curable.  Unfortunately, the treatment is very expensive, requires extensive time away from home and missed work by Lexi’s parents, who are both self-employed Cape Codders.

Luv4Lexi started when we, concerned friends and neighbors of the Briggs Family, decided we needed to do more than deliver meals to the family and lend listening ears.  We have become a grass-roots effort.  Our mission is to promote awareness of childhood cancers, specifically Wilms Tumor, to the people of Cape Cod, while raising funds to assist with the great expense of Lexi’s medical treatment.

Luv4Lexi has organized a purple (Lexi’s favorite color) ribbon campaign, blanketing the Briggs’ neighborhood in support; and over 100 community members attended a neighborhood lemonade stand, which saw many of Lexi’s friends and classmates shave their heads in her honor.  An End of Summer Family Movie Night is planned for Friday August 24 at 6:30pm in the Cobb Astro Park at Barnstable High School.  We are also planning a Family Day for the fall, with other events in the works.  You can help make these events successful!  Our mission is to promote awareness of childhood cancers and specifically Wilms Tumor to the people of Cape Cod, while raising funds to assist with the great expense of Lexi’s medical treatment.  All contributions and funds generated will go directly to the Briggs family for Lexi’s care.  Please explore the WordPress page to find more information about donating and upcoming events.

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For more information on Wilms and other childhood cancers please visit:


4 responses to “About Alexis “Lexi” & The Luv4Lexi Campaign

  1. Patrick says:

    I recently read about Lexi’s story and just wanted to give her and her family my best wishes. My wife is actually a Wilms Tumor survivor and is now a very healthy and successful adult who just finished law school. I know the family is aware that the cancer is treatable, but I just wanted to provide another example of the succes doctors have had with this cancer.

  2. jean lockhart says:

    God bless the people that have organized “luv4lexi”. You are doing an awesome job.
    A nicer family you could not find. Praying for a total healing for Lexi and strength
    for her family.

  3. Cheryl Rogers says:

    To the Briggs Family, Mark Rogers and family pray for each of you every single night. Not a day goes by that we don’t think of you and send our love and well wishes your way. You are a beautiful family, god bless you.

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